Portable Water Treatment and Desalination Systems

PureBoxTM DLX Desalination System

The PureBoxTM DLX is RODI's highest quality containerized desalination system.  It is designed to provide long life at the lowest possible cost of ownership.  Capacities range from 20,000 to 140,000 gallons per day from a single container.  Multi-container systems can produce in excess of 1 million gallons per day.  The DLX systems include the following features:

Complete Portability - The PureBoxTM DLX systems are completely contained in 20 or 40 foot intermodal shipping containers.

Corrosion Resistant Construction - In designing and building the DLX systems, non-metallic components as utilized as much as possible.  This includes structural components as well as the wetted components in the desalination system.

High Performance Pretreatment - Proper pretreatment is critical in the RO design to insure that the RO membrane elements do not foul excessively.   The DLX system utilizes a two stage filter design incorporated a high performance zeolite filtration media.  RO reject is used for backwashing the media to conserve energy and provide superior backwash quality. 

Conservative Design - Membrane flux rates are kept to a minimum to insure long membrane life.

Automation - Extensive monitoring and automation results in fewer human errors during operation which can easily cause damage to the RO membrane or other vital system components.

High Quality High Pressure Pump and Energy Recovery - The pump and energy recovery units used in the DLX systems are chosen based upon their efficiency and durability.  They boast a large number of installed units worldwide are all equipped with VFD's for smooth starts and stops and maximum energy conservation.    

Permeate Flush and Membrane Cleaning System - Flushing and cleaning of the membrane elements is critical to insure long membrane life.  The DLX systems are equipped with integral membrane flushing and cleaning systems.

Superior Training and Product Support - RODI Systems has been designing, building, and supporting membrane treatment systems for almost two decades.  The technical professionals at RODI have trained over 1000 RO operators over the course of their careers.  We take pride in the support we offer our clients both before and after the sale.

Click here to download a brochure describing the DLX desalination systems.  See our Download page for even more information on the DLX products.